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Dan Rubinstein
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To Marta Rubinstein

Portrait of an Artist
Dan RubinsteinÂ’s fascination for all the aspects of Life, his insatiable eagerness to understand the invisible forces that make of each person a unique individual, a self-contained world, is indeed fascinating to observe. His sparkling, bright eyes seem to send out feelers in order to grasp the Essential in Man.
When he sketches a peasant, he conveys the manÂ’s trust in the rhythm of Nature, he lets us feel the manÂ’s rough, weather-beaten skin; when he sketches a musician, we hear the intake of breath as he draws his bow over the strings, we perceive the playerÂ’s deep concentration and total surrender to his art.
For Dan Rubinstein the Bible is the source of all Knowledge and Wisdom, transmitted to us through the Hebrew language. It is by delving in the oceanic depths of the Bible that he finds inspiration for his Judaica work.
Born in Israel in 1940 he came to Zurich, Switzerland in 1964. Here he attended Art School as well as lectures on the History of Art at the University.
None other than Oskar Kokoschka and Alois Carigiet encouraged the then young man to pursue his chosen course. In 1968 Rubinstein showed for the first time his work to the Zurich public, at the Max Bollag Gallery of Modern Art. There followed one-man shows in different cities of the USA and Europe. As from 1981 he exhibits regularly during the Yehudi Menuhin Music Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland.
RubinsteinÂ’s art was moulded by a crippling ailment which literally corroded his youth. This explains the particularly meditative, sometimes even transcendental dimension of his work.
Dan Rubinstein works with crayons, oil, water-colours, etchings lithographs and glass. His latest works include stained-glass windows and solid glass sculpture.
The following are some of his major works:
A set of 13 colour etchings on the Book of Esther
A set of 10 etchings entitled Hommage au Festival Yehudi Menuhin
Creation – 5 monumental stained-glass windows for a maternity clinic in Jerusalem
Mercy and Justice – 13 stained-glass windows for the Roman Catholic Church St Verena in Stäfa, Switzerland
Eternal Light – Sculpture in solid glass
Dan RubinsteinÂ’s work in form of cards, stationery and books may be acquired through our webshop. For original art please contact the artist through our e-mail.




Marta Rubinstein


To Dan Rubinstein

Short Biography

Marta Rubinstein, of Russian-Jewish parentage, was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1936. She grew up in an English boarding-school where she eventually also taught.
Music being an integral part of her up-bringing she then studied and taught Musical Education. Literature was a passion parallel to music. Intellectual curiosity and the wish to be able to read books in their original language drove her to study French, Hebrew and Italian.
In 1967 Marta Rubinstein emigrated to Israel. To satisfy her thirst for further knowledge of History, Geography and Archaeology she studied and graduated as Official Tourist Guide. As such she worked until in 1972 she met and married Israeli artist Dan Rubinstein, then living in Zurich, Switzerland.
After the birth of their two children Marta returned to her first profession as music teacher. Soon after came the need to write. Her first publication was also the first joint-venture with her husband: Gstaad in Beautiful Saanenland, a history of the famous Swiss winter and summer resort.
In Allegro con Spirito she describes the events that lead up to the establishment of the Yehudi Menuhin Music Festival, as well as its development.
In Der Schneider she presents four gripping short stories.
In order to pass on to her own children, as well as to children in general, a favourite story her father used to tell, she wrote David Leontschik.
In 2001 Marta Rubinstein published her first novel Tango Macho, in which she portrays the drama of argentine politics, the argentine mentality, and most particularly, she expands on the history and every aspect of the Tango, highlighting the lyrics, unknown to the non-Spanish- speaking public.
In Genesis and Von Gnade und Recht will ich singen, two art books on her husbandÂ’s monumental stained-glass windows, Mrs Rubinstein describes the work paying great attention to the biblical sources.
A second childrenÂ’s book came out in 2005 in which she tells the stories of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) in such a way that children can relate to them through their own experiences. Stressing the idea that God understands and speaks all languages, the book is titled Gott ist Polyglott.
Marta Rubinstein lectures on biblical subjects and together with her husband has participated several times in the Deutsche Evangelische Kirchentag. Four of these lecture series have been published in booklet form.
All the aforementioned books and booklets can be purchased through our webshop.


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